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The Network at the Algeria and China workshops of Campus France

The Figure Network participated in the Algeria workshop of Campus France on February 28, 2020. This meeting was an opportunity to discuss the Franco-Algerian bilateral relationship, to draw up an overview of higher education and research in Algeria and the challenges of academic and scientific cooperation. It was followed by the China workshop.


Campus France and Algerian students

Campus France is the French agency for the promotion of higher education, hosting and international mobility with more than 200 spaces and branches in 126 countries. In Algeria, the five Campus France spaces are located on the premises of the French institutes in Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Annaba and Tlemcen. Their mission is to guide and support students throughout the preparation of their study project in France (advice, orientation assistance, documentation spaces, dematerialized application procedure, etc.).

France is the 1st destination country for Algerian students, which makes it the 2nd largest international student community in France after Morocco and ahead of China. In 2018-2019, France received 31,196 Algerian students in France, 49% of whom were female, broken down by type of establishment: 27,700 (88.8%) in universities, 839 (2.7%) in business schools, 676 (2.2%) in engineering schools, 372 (1.2%) in art and architecture schools, 933 (3%) in high schools (BTS, CPGE) and 676 (2.2%) in other establishments. In universities, students study in the following disciplines: 12,162 in science, STAPS; 7,760 in arts, languages, humanities and social sciences; 3,475 in economics and AES; 3,006 in health, medicine and 1,297 in law and political science. In addition, 831 university cooperation agreements exist between French and Algerian institutions. Source: Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI)-SIES 2018.

In addition, the social and professional network for Algerian students trained in France, France alumni Algeria, is active with more than 32,000 registered members. Its aim is to federate a network of exchanges between alumni with the economic and professional world (articles, testimonials, events, newsletters, job and internship offers, etc.).


Franco-Algerian academic and scientific cooperation

The Figure Network, a member of the Campus France Forum since 2018, took part in the Algeria workshop on 28 February 2020. After an introduction by the Director-General of Campus France, Béatrice Khaiat, the Ambassador of France to Algeria, Xavier Driencourt took the floor to describe the political situation in Algeria since the beginning of the popular movement in February 2019, France’s position and the implications of this context for cooperation.

Then, Grégor Trumel, adviser for cooperation and cultural action, detailed the actions set up between the two countries in terms of academic and scientific cooperation. Algeria faces several challenges in terms of demographics, spatial planning and democratization to ensure the training of its population, half of which is under 25 years of age, while the number of students is increasing rapidly – from 500,000 to almost 2 million between 2000 and 2020. In this context, cooperation is being organised, reinvented and restructured around three guidelines: employability (adapting training to the needs of diversification in priority sectors), support for research programmes and support for teacher training, including support for doctoral training. Several programmes are financed in this way, such as the Hubert Curien Tassili and Magreb partnerships, co-supervision of equally financed theses, doctoral training of excellence in mathematics, support for archaeological missions, the launch of three chairs of excellence in archaeology, mathematics and medicine, the development of on-site courses of study in partnership with companies, etc.


The China Workshop

The Algeria workshop was followed by a China Workshop, somewhat disrupted by the Covid-19 health crisis. Not having been able to be physically present, the speakers participated by videoconference. Emmanuel Callaud, Deputy Counsellor for Higher Education, Research and Innovation at the French Embassy in China, Antoine Bourget, France-China Campus National Coordinator, and Fabien Chareix, University Cooperation Attaché at the Consulate General of France in Shanghai took the floor, all three recalling that crises often prove to be strong vectors of innovation. The workshop was very much concerned with: student mobility in the context of the health crisis, maintaining the service of Campus France Chine and the link with Chinese students (organization of distance interviews, French tests, etc.).

In terms of research, China had 472,600 publications in 2018 (source: web of science); the main fields and areas of research being electronic chips and processors, integrated circuits, the mobile broadband communication network, development of post-4G standards and participation in the definition of international standards, machine tools and production equipment and batteries.

In terms of training, in 2018-2019 (source: MESRI), France welcomed 28,436 Chinese students in France in 2018-2019, 63% of whom were female, broken down by type of institution: 14,902 (52.4%) in universities; 6,738 (23.7%) in business schools; 3,668 (12.9%) in engineering schools; 1,435 (5%) in art and architecture schools; 341 (1.2%) in high schools (BTS, CPGE); and 1,352 (4.8%) in other establishments. In universities, students study in the following disciplines: 5,895 in Arts, Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences; 4,833 in Science, STAPS; 3,683 in Economics and AES; 321 in Law and Political Science and Health, Medicine: 170.

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