Network News

The Figure® Network has elected its new President and Board of Directors.

The remote general meeting of the Figure® Network on April 9, 2020 was the occasion to elect the new president and the new board. The whole team is ready to commit itself to the service of the Network and has brought a renewed dynamic.


Lamine Boubakar, President of the Figure Network

The current president of the Figure® Network, Lamine Boubakar, professor of mechanics at the University of Franche-Comté, has been reappointed for a renewable period of two years.


Lamine Boubakar warmly thanked the member institutions of the Figure® Network for this mark of confidence coming from: ” a collective effort to designing and developing university training programmes that meet European standards of quality, and to set up an accreditation process to certify this quality. All of this would not have been possible without the commitment of the teachers, administrative staff and students of the Network’s member universities. Thanks to all of you! ».

A motivated board

On 09 April 2020, the general assembly of the association Réseau Figure® located at the Maison des Universités – AMUE – 103 boulevard Saint-Michel – 75005 Paris was held remotely. This general assembly dedicated to the vote for the new bureau, which was to take place on 19/03/2020, had been postponed following the Covid-19 pandemic.


In order to support the President of the Figure® Network in his missions, a board was constituted and unanimously accepted by the members present and represented. The board is composed of four elected members: a treasurer, a secretary and two vice-presidents each assigned to a mission (training life on the one hand, and communication and partnership on the other). Non-voting individuals have been associated with the board in order to support it in its missions. The change was made official at the prefecture.


Composition of the Board as at 09/04/2020 :


  • Elected members – teacher-researchers or researchers with teaching experience attached to full members


First and Last Name – position – home university Position in the board
Lamine Boubakar – professor – University of Franche-Comté President
Sylvie Pautrot – Maitre de Conférences – University of Poitiers Treasurer
Geneviève Duchamp – professor – university of Bordeaux Secretary
Jean-Claude Pascal – professor – university Toulouse III Paul Sabatier Vice-president (training programmes)
Nathalie Gaveau – professor – University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne Vice-President (Communication and Partnerships)


  • Other – individuals associated with the office without voting rights


First name / Last name
Yves Bertrand
Laurent Carraro
Robert Chabbal
Jean-Pierre Gesson
Jean-Pierre Korolitski
Laura Lallement
Marie-Claude Maurel
Mathias Roesler
Frédérique Weixler