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The Figure Network adopts its new statutes

During the extraordinary general assembly of 06 February 2020, the members of the Figure Network unanimously adopted the new statutes, the new charter and the rules of procedure. These changes, which have been discussed collectively since September 2019, make it possible to report on the Network’s recent developments.


The Figure Network strengthens its legal base

On 6 February 2020, the extraordinary general assembly of the association was held in the premises of Sorbonne University in Paris. The members present or represented were asked to vote on the new statutes (including a modification of the name of the association, the object and the head office), the rules of procedure and the charter of the Figure Network.


  • Thenew statutes replace the old ones deposited at the prefecture at the time of the declaration of the association dated 18/03/2013, among others :

o they take account of the changes in the association’s activities in recent years by adapting the purpose of the association ;

o they revise the name of the association; from “CMI FIGURE NETWORK” to “Figure Network” ;

o they change the registered office of the association; from ” 9 rue Charles Claude Chenou TSA 51106 86073 Poitiers Cedex 9 ” to ” Réseau Figure – Maison des Universités – AMUE – 103 boulevard Saint-Michel – 75005 Paris “.

  • The rules of procedure provide details of the procedures for the association’s member institutions.
  • Thenew charter of the Figure Network replaces the one adopted in 2012 to take into account the evolution of the association.


These changes were voted unanimously by the 21 members present and represented on 6 February 2020, then declared to the Prefecture – receipt dated 5 March 2020.

Find all these documents here: the Network’s reference documents