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The Career Center brings together all the actors of the Network

The Career Center, which brings together all the players in the Figure® Network: students, teachers, companies, alumni, etc., is in constant activity with, in particular, the publication since January 2020 of profiles of alumni ! It is a platform for everyone, built and powered by everyone.


The Career Center, the career platform

The JobTeaser Career Center is a reference career platform in Europe, directly integrated into the intranet of more than 400 establishments and offering solutions for distributing job offers and employer branding. The Career Center Figure was set up with a view to bringing companies closer to the students of the engineering programmes and to support these students in their professional project (looking for an internship or a job, the state of the job market, etc.). This is one of the actions undertaken by the Figure Network to develop relations with companies during and after the course and to achieve a quality coupling between the dynamics of the companies and those of the training courses.

Indeed, companies, in particular as a result of the ongoing digital revolution, are being driven to transform their business models, their economic models, their organizations and their management methods at high speed. These transformations are profoundly changing their organizations. And, CMIs, whose very purpose is to train technical managers who will drive innovation within its organizations, have a duty to be particularly at the cutting edge on this subject and attentive to the needs and expectations of companies.


The Career Center publishes profiles of alumni

The CMI ALUMNI association participates in this work, encouraging students and label holders to inform the Figure Network on their LinkedIn profile (as a school of study) to increase the visibility of the curriculum and to join the Figure Network® community on the Career Center, in order to disseminate and have access to job offers.

In addition, every month since the beginning of the year 2020, an alumni profile is presented:

  • January 2020: labeled in 2018 by the CMI engineering of technological innovation at the University of Poitiers, Kevin Aubert is doing his thesis in the field of biomechanics;
  • February 2020: certified in 2017 by the CMI Sensors and Associated Systems at the University of Toulouse III, Idir Boumala is an engineer (consultant) studies and development in the company AUSY (engineering consulting company);
  • March 2020: certified in 2015 by the CMI mécanique at Sorbonne University, Myriam Quaranta is an aerodynamic methods engineer at Safran.


The Career Center: a joint construction, join it!

Anyone wishing to join the Career Center can view the presentation video, log in or download the Career Center by JobTeaser mobile application: * on iPhone, * on Android.

In order to use the platform,

  • member institutions of the Figure Networkregister and appoint a local administrator, in charge of posting internship offers; encouraging companies to present themselves on the Career Center, to submit offers; proposing them to be put forward as partners of the Network; and promoting the platform to students/label holders;
  • students of the Figure Networkcreate a personal space, customize their search criteria, update their profiles and use this intranet to build their professional projects (company files, more than 1,500 job videos, career events), search for internships, work-study programs and jobs (offers from the Jobteaser network, offers exclusive to the establishment, etc.) and prepare for interviews (advice, videos from recruitment specialists) ;
  • companies use a adapted tutorial; if the company is already a JobTeaser partner, it can multicast offers and post new ones via this link; If the company is not a JobTeaser partner, it creates a companyaccount and completes a company file which allows it to be visible to students, to submit offers and to follow their evolution (number of applications …).