Governance of Figure Network

The Accreditation Committee

It is composed of personalities chosen for their knowledge of higher education and/or the economic world.


Guaranteeing the quality of the CMI with regard to compliance with reference documents (training referential, program quality assessment referential, etc.) :

  • To validate or not the CMI projects submitted to the Network ;
  • Make recommendations for the improvement of the accredited CMI ;
  • Check the deployment of CMI by organising on-site expert visits after two years of operation of accredited CMI for the first time ;
  • Decide on the re-accreditation of CMI after 5 years, with recommendations for the improvement of the curricula.

Members list :

The Accreditation Committee, renewed in 2019, brings together representatives from the academic, socio-economic world and including students.


  • Yves LICHTENBERGER : Chairman
  • Maxime JACQUOT : Vice-Chairman in charge of evaluation
  • Jean-François BAUMARD Vice-Chairman in charge of relations with the European Accreditation Bodies
  • Moubine AL-KOTOB
  • Françoise BEVALOT
  • Manuela GUIZZO
  • Pascal LAURIN
  • Amandine MARTIN
  • Marie-Claude MAUREL
  • Alain MENAND