Pervasive research
to give a taste for innovation

Students benefit from the access to more than 200 research laboratories. Researchers take part in training in the first year and students carry out scientific projects in the second year. Each CMI is supported by a research laboratory or a consortium of research laboratories with international visibility developing important research partnerships in line with the challenges of tomorrow.

The research laboratory teams that support the CMI carry out work at a local socio-economic level as well as at a national or international one through collaborative projects involving universities and companies or public and private institutions.

These actions lead to a large number of innovations with short- or medium-term societal benefits.

The commitment of large research organizations
to the programme

Through their own and joint research units, the major research organisations, such as the CNRS, INRA and INSERM, fully support this strong interaction between research and training which is at the heart of the CMI.
The staff of the CMI’s support laboratories are involved in training, from the 1st year to final year: visiting and working at the laboratories and technological platforms, conferences, project design and management, internships, student mobility assistance, etc…

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