A reinforced learning of a speciality

A reinforced learning of a speciality

The CMI trains innovative scientific and technical executives in their speciality. A profile sought after by companies and research laboratories in order to meet their needs.

The unique recipe of the CMI speciality

Relying on a solid multidisciplinary scientific background, students will gradually acquire a speciality thanks to a volume of teaching that represents half the time of the training over five years.

The CMI includes:
– a bachelor’s degree program that allows the acquisition of a solid base of fundamental and disciplinary knowledge and skills within a field that prefigures specialization
– a master’s degree course progressively conferring conceptual and applicative expertise in the chosen field of specialization.

In order to further develop students’ cross-disciplinary skills, the hourly volume of bachelor’s and master’s degrees is increased by 20%, i.e. the equivalent of a sixth year of training.

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Distribution of the hourly volume of the CMI curriculum :
Disciplinary base and specialty: 50%.
Core Disciplines: 20%.
Related disciplines: 10%.
Social, economic and cultural openness: 20%

In addition, 25% of the teaching is based on a pedagogy of experience through numerous implementation activities in companies and laboratories. A tool for the progressive empowerment and responsibility of the student throughout his or her studies.

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