How to apply for the “Cursus Master en Ingénierie”?

Prerequisites: be a student enrolled in Baccalaureate final year according to the targeted CMI.

How to submit your application?

Pre-registrations are to be made online on the Parcoursup application.

How to find training on the PARCOURSUP website?

Click on ” Les Formations ”
Then click on “Formations en Ingénierie”.
Then click on « Rechercher une formation sur la plateforme ». You then access a search form that you must fill in as follows:
By type of training : Formations en Ingénierie
By academy: indicate the desired academy
By department: indicate the desired department
Then click on « Lancer la recherche »

How do you make your wishes?

Make a wish by “Cursus Master en Ingénierie” that interests you
It is imperative that you register your chosen CMI support “licence” (bachelor) as a wish if you wish later to apply for such a licence in case you are not accepted for a CMI following the selections.