Projects: learning about working life

The ability to manage a project, the spirit of synthesis, teamwork are fundamental aspects of the engineering profession and, as such, are an integral part of the programme. The goal of the projects is to enable future graduates to learn how to solve problems of progressive complexity using the scientific and technical knowledge taught to them throughout the five years of study of the programme. It is the field of application of acquired knowledge, skills, aptitudes and abilities. It is also, very early in the first year of the programme, a reversal of learning, more in line with the reality of professional life where questions sometimes arise before knowledge is acquired.

1st year: engineering initiation project

This project is the first in the curriculum. Its objective is to put the student in a situation of reflection and elaboration of an engineering solution on a technologically simple system or on a sub-system of a more complex set. This project introduces the student to a systemic approach and collective work.

2nd year: bibliographic research projet in a laboratory

The project focuses on the initiation of bibliographical research and information processing practices on a subject proposed by the laboratory.
This project is an opportunity to bring students into the laboratories and give them the opportunity to interact with research actors.
This project leads to the writing of reports (research strategy and synthesis), an oral presentation and a self-evaluation.

3rd and 5th years: “integrator” projects

Starting in 3rd year, long-term “integrator” projects are implemented (120 hours in 3rd year, 160 in 5th year). Their objective is twofold:
– an integrative project leads the student to use all the knowledge he or she has acquired in the various teaching units. This project shows the complementarity of the disciplines, the coherence of the curriculum and contributes to the student’s development of a systemic vision of the speciality;
– learn how to manage a project, overcome constraints (organization, deadlines, “customer” satisfaction), tackle concrete issues and work in a team.

Integrator projects are positioned :
– in 3rd year (Semester 6), complementing the bases of the Bachelor’s degree, as a first experience of project management rather strongly supervised;
– 5th year (Semester 9), in order to train the student to apply what he or she has acquired in terms of concepts, knowledge and skills to a highly specilised subject.
An integrative project is generally carried out by teams of three to five students and mobilizes a pedagogical unit bringing together teachers, researchers, doctoral students and professionals.
This project organizes real contact with researchers, including access to research laboratories and technological platforms or other multi-purpose equipment.
The integrative project can be an excellent preparation for an internship: for example, the preparation of a research internship between the 3rd and 4th years, or a project prior to the final internship.
The subject must then have been co-constructed with the host company (or laboratory).