The Figure network

The Figure network “Formation à l’ingénierie par des Universités de Recherche” (Engineering Education by Research Universities), is an international cooperative network of autonomous universities proposing Master Courses in Engineering (CMI). The Figure network was born in 2011 as a result of the IDEFI call for projects. Through the collectively developed training frame of reference, all member institutions share and put into practice an innovative and professionalizing pedagogy. The Figure network members share their thoughts, experiences and best practices for the benefit of CMI students.

Figure Network

The governance of the Figure Network is organised in order  to support the CMI and CBI development and their registration in the French, European and international HE landscape.

Through its collaborative work, the Network guarantees the sustainability of the strategic choices that are the CMI’s assets:

  • global coherence of training;
  • strong link with research and innovation;
  • relevance of qualifications to the needs of companies and societies;
  • promotion of international openness;
  • a culture of training quality (accreditation and monitoring process).


Network members

The geographic distribution of the network’s members is a valuable asset. It promotes a diversity of talents and forges local partnerships with socio-economic actors allowing for a training strategy based on local context.

To join the Network, a university must adopt the Network’s charter.

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