Objectives and opportunities

This CMI aims to train chemical engineers working on the diagnosis and treatment of pollution, the implementation of an environmental management policy, the reduction or elimination of substances harmful to health and the environment, and the generation of new compounds and materials by means of “green” chemical synthesis processes, i.e. processes that respect the environment and promote sustainable development.

Sectors of employability :

  • all sectors in Health, Safety, Environment (HSE)
  • environment : Chemical analysis of air, water, soils; Environmental Management
  • engineering and design department: Consulting and Risk Diagnosis; Polluted Sites and Soils
  • water, soil and hazardous waste treatment
  • green chemical synthesis engineering: organic molecules and materials in Industrial Chemistry, Fine Chemistry (pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics), Biomass recovery (agromaterials, biosolvents, biofuels), and Polymers.

Typical jobs targeted :

HSE Engineer, Consulting Engineer, Business Manager, Process Engineer, Project Manager, R&D Engineer, Technical Sales Engineer


CMI manager(s) Laurent Duclaux laurent.duclaux@reseau-figure.org