Objectives and opportunities

To train executives at engineering level in the field of high performance or active materials with a specific focus on surfaces and coatings that can operate:
– in an industrial environment with a wide range of applications (health, energy, housing, transport, security, electronics, etc.),
– or pursue doctoral studies of a fundamental or applied nature.

Industrial sectors :
– transport and energy management: painting, protection, anti-friction and multifunctional and adaptive surfaces in the broadest sense (texturing of paints in aeronautics, treatment of engine surfaces, pneumatics, etc.);
– of health: functionalization for biocompatibility of implantable medical devices, …
– of the building sector: functionalization of materials (glass, concrete, etc.) to provide optical properties (anti-reflection, anti IR, anti-scratch, etc.), self-repairing properties, etc.
– microelectronics, watchmaking: the control of thin film deposition is a strategic issue for the development of the system or product itself.

CMI manager(s) Anne Rubin anne.rubin@reseau-figure.org