Objectives and opportunities

The “CMI-ATE” of the University Paris Nanterre aims to train engineers specialized in “Aeronautics, Transport and Energetics” with a broad spectrum of knowledge, ranging from physics, mechanics, energetics to electronics.
English is taught throughout the course and students must be autonomous to work in an English-speaking environment after the CMI. Finally, the innovative opening courses in “human and social sciences” allow students to acquire the general culture necessary to be able to innovate, communicate and present large-scale projects. Emphasis is placed in particular on new writing such as 3D immersion or virtual reality. Knowing how to use these technologies that are widely available today will be an important added value for the future expert engineer.

The main industrial sectors targeted are Aerospace, Transport, Automotive, Defence, Mechanics and Energy.

The main professions targeted relate to studies (design, structural calculation and integration, energy/materials), tests (multi-physical measurements, simulation, test bench engineering, acquisition software) and electronics (communication and embedded).
The support functions of the targeted industrial sectors can also be envisaged as business manager for industrial purchasing contracts or logistics and quality. The main industrial sectors targeted are Aeronautics & Space, Transport, Automotive, Defence, Mechanics and Energy.

CMI manager(s) Bruno Sério bruno.serio@reseau-figure.org