Objectives and opportunities

The CMI Computer Engineering of the University of Avignon enriches the skills of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in computer science with a new dimension that is the culture of innovation, by tackling the scientific, technological, managerial and economic aspects of innovation, as well as the culture of innovation itself. The students who will follow this CMI course will not only have the solid IT skills offered by the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, but will also be the actors and producers of our society’s next digital innovations.

The main jobs envisaged for CMI graduates are :

  • R&D engineer
  • Start-Up Entrepreneur in Innovation
  • teacher-researcher in Computer Science
  • data scientist
  • IT consultant (Information Technology)
  • information systems architect, computer systems architect
CMI manager(s) Thierry Spriet thierry.spriet@reseau-figure.org