Internships: immersion in a professional environment

Internships contribute to the concretization of pedagogical achievements, to reinforce the knowledge of the functioning of companies, to develop the spirit of initiative and critical thinking.
Internships are privileged links between the CMI, the laboratories and the partner companies, they contribute to the technological and industrial watch essential to the development and effectiveness of the training. They are thought to be an essential lever for building the student’s spirit of innovation.
Each course is prepared as part of the OSECS program (read more on OSECS), with evaluation and self-assessment.

Professional immersion internship in a company

This internship is introduced very early in the programme (at the end of the first year) in order to allow the student to be immersed in a company, to discover how it works, to produce work and to contribute to reinforcing the perception of the engineering profession that he or she aspires to.

This internship mainly allows the acquisition of transversal and disciplinary skills.

Through this first experience, the student develops a list of transversal skills:

– knowing how to present the compagny ans positionning oneself within it,
– defining interactions with colleagues,
– knowsing how to describe his/her mission(s) in terms of work organization, vocabulary and specific tools required,
– analysing his/her mission(s) to determine the skills needed for the success of the mission and possible autonomy and initiative,
– determining a posteriori the skills acquired during the internship and the level of responsibility in carrying out his/her mission(s),
– identifiying possible difficulties encountered and solutions put in place.

In addition, students will be introduced to the self-assessment exercise. The internship will be followed by a debriefing, in small groups, with debates after each student’s presentation.

Specialization internship

This is a dense ten-week internship, in 3rd or 4th year, familiarizing the student with the life of the company, its constraints and its codes. It may take the form of an assignment carried out in a company, using and improving the trainee’s knowledge and skills in his or her area of expertise.
This implies getting closer to the practice of apprenticeship training, based on the triangle “company tutor, academic tutor, student”.
This internship can also take place in a research laboratory.

Graduation internship

This 24-week internship consolidates and validates the skills acquired during the training and requires adequate preparation. This internship can take place in a research laboratory provided that the student has already spent 14 weeks of internship in a company. It leads to the writing of a report and a defense in French or English. The defense is made before a mixed jury composed of members of the pedagogical team as well as external members including the supervisor in the case of an internship in a company.