Internships and projects in research laboratories and companies

With the pospect of becoming an innovative engineer who is immediately operational, the CMI integrates projects and internships throughout the course for learning ans mastering the professional world.

Throughout the programme and starting in the first year, students have projects that they carry out as part of their internships in companies or laboratories.

The total duration of internships is more than 28 weeks, including a minimum of 14 weeks in a company.

Projects: learning about the working life

The ability to manage projects, to summarize, to work in a team are fundamental aspects of the engineering profession and, as such, are an integral part of the training. The goal of the projects is to enable future graduates to learn how to solve complex problems using the scientific and technical skills taught to them throughout the five years of the programme. This is where they can use their acquired knowledge. It is also, very early in the 1rst year, an inverse learning process, more in line with the reality of working life where questions sometimes arise before knowledge is acquired.

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Internships: immersion in a professional environment

Internships contribute to pedagogical achievements, to reinforce the knowledge of the functioning of companies, to develop the spirit of initiative and critical thinking.
Internships are privileged links between the CMI, the laboratories and the partner companies, they contribute to the technological and industrial watch essential to the development and effectiveness of the training. They are thought to be an essential lever for building the student’s spirit of innovation.
Each course is prepared as part of the OSECS (Organizational, Societal, Economic and Cultural Skills) programme, with evaluation and self-assessment.

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