Governance of Figure Network

International Relations Committee

The International Relations Commission :

  • is based on university policy to promote the incoming and outgoing mobility of CMI students;
  • is developing the internationalization of CMIs.

It is composed of one representative from each university.

Its role is to act as an institutional and operational relay between the Network’s international outreach strategy and the strategies of each institution. Universities are the only ones to manage their own recruitment of international students, incoming and outgoing mobility and the choice of their university partners.

The Network must therefore position itself upstream and possibly downstream, as its actions may contribute to :

  • promote the above operations ;
  • prepare an overall balance sheet of some actions for communication purposes ;
  • promote the Network itself to various European and international bodies;
  • develop the CMI model internationally.

The International Relations Commission examines or proposes possible actions: geographical targets and possible partners, communication (participation in events abroad, international section of the website, …) and also sharing of good practices, …