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Hcéres validates the accreditation procedure for the Cursus Master en Ingénierie (CMI) of the Figure Network

The Haut Conseil de l’Evaluation de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieur (Hcéres) has just recognized the quality of the accreditation process of the Cursus Master en Ingénierie (CMI) of the Figure Network. It issued on January 23, 2020 a decision of conformity to the Hcéres standards for five years to the Network’s accreditation process to issue the CMI label. This is the first time that the Hcéres evaluates not training programs, but a training accreditation process.


A big step for an innovative model

The Figure Network (Formation à l’Ingénierie par des Universités de REcherche) offers a new training programme in engineering at university: the Cursus Master en Ingénierie (CMI). Inspired by international standards and complementary to traditional engineering education in France, the CMI aims to train scientific and technical executives in a different way so that they become drivers of innovation, economic activity and society in general.

The Hcéres stresses that “the training model proposed by the Figure Network is innovative and guarantees exposure to research, international and corporate knowledge beyond disciplinary training“.


The recognition of a procedure

The Figure Network has decided to periodically submit its accreditation process to an external evaluation by an agency admitted to the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR). This approach, which aims to strengthen the Figure process’s compliance with European quality assurance standards, was initiated by the evaluation of Hcéres at the end of 2019.

The Hcéres notes that ” the experience acquired since the creation of the Network has made it possible to set up a referential for evaluating the quality of Figure programmes, leading project leaders to question themselves, through a self-evaluation grid, on their training model, on steering and on the means and actions to be implemented in order to achieve the self-assigned or suggested objectives. ” and specifies that the evaluation process proposed by the network is “controlled and guarantees the quality of the labelled courses“.  Also recognized is « the work done by the Figure Network to participate in a better understanding on quality assurance in university programmes enabling teachers to be professional in this domain».


A procedure in continuous improvement

The Figure Network has relied on expert advice to continue to improve its accreditation process. In order to complete its expert recruitment process and to ensure the quality of the evaluation ,a call for applications was launched in December 2019 to diversify the Network’s pool of experts.

For Lamine BOUBAKAR, President of the Network Figure: “The network is a great success. This institutional recognition is the culmination of a collective effort to design and develop university training courses that meet European standards of quality, and to set up an accreditation process to certify this quality. All of this would not have been possible without the commitment of the teachers, administrative staff and students of the Network’s member universities. We have submitted our accreditation process to an external evaluation to gain recognition for its quality and to verify and guarantee its compliance with European quality assurance standards. Exchanges with Hcéres experts have been constructive and have already enabled us to improve our recruitment procedure for experts. Encouraged by this recognition, the Figure Network plans to develop its offer in particular at the bachelor level with comparable principles”.

For more information:link to the press release