Banking, finance, industry, health, agronomy, artificial intelligence, big data, security: mathematics is decisive everywhere in order to propose and master innovative solutions that meet societal challenges.

Mathematical engineering offers many increasingly varied jobs. Thus the skills acquired by students in the areas of modelling, simulation, statistical optimisation and data analysis open up fields of study of immense richness (from linguistics to genetics, including industrial and financial data, E-commerce, cryptology and social networks).

Business sectors

Jobs can be offered in most sectors of activity: industry, services, food, i-commerce, biology, transport, aeronautics, or environment, for example:

  • banking, finance, insurance (quant, trader, actuary…)
  • industry (risk manager, analyst, marketing, quality…)
  • computer science and information systems (development engineers, information security, …)
  • marketing services (marketing engineers, process optimisation, etc.)
  • research organisations (engineers, researchers, etc.)
  • health, agronomy (bio-statistician, modeler, epidemiologist…)
  • human and social sciences (statistician / demographer, human resources engineer, etc.).