Housing, construction, information and communication, health, sport, transport, energy storage: material sciences and engineering are decisive in their responses to societal and contemporary challenges.

Several large national companies are among the world leaders in the sector, and a very large number of SMI-SMEs are also involved in the production, processing and use of materials, whether they be metal, polymer, glass and ceramic, or composite.

Finally, new dimensions are emerging in order to meet the requirements of sustainable development, with recyclable or bio-sourced materials, and microscopic control of matter with biomaterials, composites, or nanomaterials.

Business sectors

The industrial sectors concerned concern the development, processing and use of materials:

  • materials for information and communication technologies (components for electronics, components for optics and photonics, nanomaterials, etc.).
  • materials for energy (renewable energies, nuclear energy… and in general energy production, storage and conversion)
  • materials for transport (aeronautics and space, automotive, rail, etc.)
  • materials for health, sport and well-being
  • materials for the environment (recyclable, bio-inspired, agro-sourced…)
  • materials for the home and mass-market materials (steel, aluminium, polymers…)