Information and Communication aims to train high-level executives in the communication consulting professions. These skills will be technical and academic in order to grasp the complexity of contemporary communication situations. CMI Information Communication students are both competent in terms of innovation, trained in the mysteries of communication strategies and sensitive to the challenges of communication practices in the public space. They have a strong potential for integration into the job market.

Many professions, in both the public and private sectors, require mastery of information-communication techniques and communication analysis methods. The goal is to meet the communication needs of the public, associative and entrepreneurial sectors, without forgetting the many start-ups specific to this sector. To exist in the public space, to be visible, to be understood, to change behaviours, to practice mediation (cultural and scientific), to inform, to create a digital identity, to develop a digitalisation strategy, to set up a territorial marketing strategy, etc.


Business sectors
  • all industries, VSEs, SMEs, with a communication, marketing and/or human resources department
  • within public and semi-public bodies: from institutes such as the National Cancer Institute to associations and all levels of local authorities
  • communication agencies, consulting agencies, auditing firms, and start-ups.
Our programmes