Environmental crises, natural disasters, migration of all kinds, accelerated urbanisation, mobility and transport, conversion of industrial regions – these are all societal challenges to which geography intends to respond. Geography is an essential knowledge of mankind’s relationship with the earth’s space and contributes to the organisation, development, management and enhancement of territories.

The CMI “Geography and Development” enables the acquisition of professional expertise based on the analysis of the relationships between man and the environment, applicable to the reasoned management of territories and the renewable development of their resources, at the various geographical scales of intervention. The training combines learning the methods and techniques specific to geographic information processing (geomatics, geographic information systems, cartography, modelling, simulation, decision support), knowledge of public policies and their implementation tools in terms of territorial and environmental development, to be able to design and management of development and urban planning projects.

Business sectors

The professions of regional planning and development, geographic information and geomatics: project manager, development manager, project management studies manager.

Within public and parapublic organisations :
local authorities, facilities departments, public companies, public offices involved in social housing, town planning agencies, consular chambers, study bodies (architecture, town planning and environment councils, regional nature parks, etc.).

Among public and private operators :
semi-public companies, public development establishments, water agencies, OPAHs (programmed housing improvement operations), landscape, urban planning and architecture agencies, architecture firms, design offices, property developers, developers of shopping centres or leisure facilities, consultants.


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