Climate deregulation, pollution, destruction of biospheres, disappearance of species, but also resource management, biomass development, circular economy…

The environment has become a major and very sensitive topic in the media and among citizens. It is of societal, ecological, economic and regulatory interest. From a scientific point of view, the subject is vast since it covers all interactions between living organisms and their environment, including the behaviour and fate of anthropogenic substances (chemical compounds, materials) produced and introduced intentionally or unintentionally into the surrounding environment.

This field is inherently interdisciplinary and relies not only on the specific skills of each discipline involved, mainly chemistry and biology, but also requires methodological investigation tools based on bio-physico-chemical analysis (instrumental knowledge from the field of physics and computer science), analysis of data series (statistics, spatialization of data, even big data) and modeling (mathematics, programming).

In the current context, where the future of the environment is becoming a societal issue inseparable from the economic issue, the demand for specialists is increasing, both from companies and communities, for engineers capable of applying new knowledge to the increasingly complex problems of the environment.

Business sectors

CMI training offers career opportunities in the following areas:

  • integrated analysis of sites and environments for monitoring, diagnosis, preservation, rehabilitation, adaptation to change
  • the exploitation of resources with a view to sustainability and within a regulatory framework.

Other fields of activity such as industrial ecology, territorial ecology or the circular economy are emerging and will offer high-level scientific jobs in manufacturing industries, local authorities or major national and international organisations in response to the various conventions and regulations on the environment :

  • ecodesign
  • ecosystem services.
Our programmes
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