The objective of the CMI “Economy-Finance” is to train high-level executives in the fields of economics, finance and statistics. These skills, when combined, have a strong potential for integration into the labour market.

Many professions, in both the public and private sectors, require the mastery of reliable and powerful economic and statistical tools in order to understand how markets work and to anticipate their fluctuations in order to make good management decisions. Thus, an industrial group may need the most accurate sales forecasts possible in order to best adapt production and minimize costs. In the banking, finance or insurance sectors, it is necessary to be able to develop innovative solutions in new regulatory contexts, to implement them and to control risks. It is about knowing how to solve problems of great complexity.

The training is of a high theoretical level, both in economics and finance and, in statistics. Only a good knowledge of methods and tools allows us to respond optimally to the current problems of the economic world. The theoretical training is complemented by a mastery of digital tools and the English language to work in an international environment.

Business sectors
  • economist, consultant, researcher, statistician, forecaster, financial analyst, back or middle office manager, bank auditor, risk manager, treasurer, budget controller, etc…
  • within public and parapublic organisations: INSEE, Institute for Research and Documentation in Health Economics, Central Agency for Social Security Organisations, National Health Insurance Fund, National Old Age Insurance Fund, Local authorities, etc…
  • in the private sector: Banks, insurance companies, audit and consultancy firms, economic organisations, polling institutes, economic, financial and marketing departments of large companies, financial companies, etc.
Our programmes