Development, production, productivity, safety, control systems for process industries, robotics, design and production automation, and even everyday objects: no innovation escapes Computer Science today.

The IT sector accounts for 6% of French GDP and contributes 20 to 25% of current growth. The sector’s turnover will amount to 56.4 billion euros in 2018. It is a buoyant sector that represents high added value per employee.

The CMI trains in particular in software engineering, intelligent and communicating systems, multimedia and, systems and networks. The agile approach of CMI lends itself remarkably well to the rapid pace of change in this area.

Business sectors

Information technology gives access to three main categories of jobs:

  • the process of designing and managing computer systems: the software “production line”.
  • computer simulation and numerical modelling and HPC (high performance computing)
  • data and knowledge engineering.

Accessible professions :

  • administration and security of information systems
  • consulting and project management in information systems
  • information systems management
  • studies and development of telecom networks
  • computer studies and development
  • data scientist
  • expertise and technical support in information systems
  • production and operation of information systems.
Our programmes
Computer Science Responsable(s) du CMI : Jan-Georg Smaus Université de Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier
Computer Science Responsable(s) du CMI : Anne-Elisabeth Baert Université de Montpellier
Computer Science Responsable(s) du CMI : Jacques-Olivier Lachaud Université Savoie Mont Blanc (Chambéry)