Network News

Covid-19 pandemic

Update as at 10/04/2020

This situation report supplements the measures taken on 23 March (see below):

  • re-accreditation of programmes: the period of containment will be followed by a period of de-containment, so the re-accreditation assessments will not take place this year and the CMIs concerned will have their accreditation extended by one year. However, in order not to clutter up the next campaign, the planned evaluations will still take place in autumn-winter 2020;


  • international mobility and internships:
    • the obligation of international mobility is lifted for students currently in 4th year who have successfully completed a course; and for students currently in 3rd year who have successfully completed a course and who will alternate the last two years of the course (CMI4 and CMI5), with no other possibility of moving abroad;
    • the immersion internship, if it cannot take place this year in 1rst year of study, will be postponed to the second year. If it was programmed in 2nd year (CMI2) and cannot take place this year, it can no longer be carried out as such and the specialization internship must be carried out in a company;
    • the requirement for a minimum duration of internship in a company is maintained; it is only suspended for students currently in CMI5 (last year);


  • certifications: for students whose foreign language certification is pending, the deadline for obtaining this certification is extended by 4 months (from June to October 2020).


Update as at 23/03/2020

Due to the health crisis that France is going through in this year 2020 (Covid-19 pandemic) and the current closure of all member universities, the governance of the Figure Network has taken the following decisions concerning :

  • the recruitment procedures in Parcoursup: interviews, which follow an initial selection on the basis of a file, are delated in order to avoid any breach of fairness that may occur due to the confinement of candidates;


  • international mobility and internships The current situation is likely to make it difficult for students at the end of their studies to comply with the obligation: (1) of international mobility and/or (2) of a minimum duration of internship in a company; this is why the conditions for labelling graduates will be adapted by exceptionally suspending these obligations;


  • monitoring and re-accreditation of programmes: (1) follow-up assessments – during the accreditation period – are cancelled; (2) re-accreditation assessments are suspended until further notice. If it proves impossible to conduct them before mid-May, they will also be cancelled and the duration of accreditation extended by one year for the CMI concerned;


  • Accreditation of new programmes: the evaluations for a first accreditation having been able to take place normally at the beginning of the year, the accreditation committee of the Figure Network will meet remotely on 28 April to make a decision.

Globally, the Figure Network association continues to operate with extensive use of remote communication tools.

We are fully aware of the energy deployed by the pedagogical teams and member universities to maintain pedagogical continuity in teaching during this period. The health of each and every one of you, teachers and students, is our priority and we hope to find you all in good shape after this crisis.