Governance of Figure Network

Corporate Relations Group

The digital revolution is driving companies to transform their business models, their economic models, their organizations and their management methods at high speed. Thus, no company is immune to the emergence of a player who questions its position. These transformations are no different in nature from those implied by the emergence of previous industrial revolutions, which have profoundly altered the very organization of companies and as well as society. But the speed of transformation has never been so great and therefore raises particular questions.

From this point of view, the CMI, whose very purpose is to train technical executives who will bring innovation to their organizations, must be particularly at the forefront on this subject. In order to achieve a quality ralation between the dynamics of companies and those of the programme, actions must be multifaceted and designed at all levels.
Indeed, in order to increase the capacity for action of each and everyone, it is necessary to develop our actions in contact with companies at the level of the network, at the level of each university, each CMI, each teacher-researcher and each student. It is in this context that the corporate relations group was set up and adopted an action plan at the end of 2018, the first axes of which are being implemented (assistance in finding a 1st year internship, setting up of a Career Center).