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CMI France student congress hosted in La Rochelle

The congress of the student federation CMI France was held at the University of La Rochelle in the Maison des Sciences de l’Ingénieur on March 13-14, 2020.


A very dynamic student congress

The president of the CMI France federation, Bastien Penninckx, accompanied by the other members of the board (responsible for animation: Anais Feghoul, etc.) were able to rely on the CMI student association from La Rochelle and the inter-CMI manager, Hélène Thomas, a teacher-researcher in marine biology, to organise this event bringing together 80 students.

The congress, preceded by a meeting with high school students from La Rochelle, began with a festive welcome for the students, followed by a series of presentations: of the CMI-France federation office, the CMI programmes in La Rochelle, the Figure Network and the alumni. Then, the students participated in meetings in small committees with socio-economic actors (representatives of laboratories, research and development, port professions, environment, project management specialists, alumni, etc.). These meetings were organised in three phases: presentation by students of their academic background and professional projects; exposure by company representatives of their roles, missions and areas of expertise; exchanges around three main topics: what can a CMI student bring to the company, can such a profile be more interesting than an engineer or researcher? how do you highlight your career path during an interview?

At the end of the meetings, the students presented their posters in 180 seconds in front of company representatives. These presentations ranged from a scientific breakthrough, to an investment in an environmental (shared gardens, beehives at the university, etc.) or social project (on menstrual precariousness at the university, on student cooperation with underprivileged populations, etc.), to the description of an international internship.

This congress was also a place for exchanges, with a theatrical performance by the 2nd year CMI students of La Rochelle “theatre but not too much: what does a CMI eat? “a concert, training sessions, challenges, etc.

The Figure Network strongly supports student dynamics

Several members of the Figure Network were present for :

  • to recall that the main objective of the Network is to ensure quality training for students, that the student is the actor of his training;
  • re-emphasize that the dynamics driven by students and alumni is a major element within the Figure Network;
  • commending the investment of the students;
  • and make presentations: on the accreditation process, communication, international, corporate relations, the student challenge, etc.

The year 2020 is an important year for the anchoring and development of the Network within French higher education: strong cooperation with students is a condition to achieve this: upstream, to make the system known in high schools and promote its attractiveness; during the course of study, to maintain a dynamic and fulfilling student life; and downstream, to develop links with companies and help with professional integration.

Students can also participate in the life of the Figure Network by proposing activities, or by becoming experts and/or communication actors.

  • Become a Network expert Figure: a collective interest: improving the accreditation process to strengthen training and make the voice of students heard; & a personal interest: experience to be described in the CV, highlighting achievements (file analysis, speaking and group work, knowledge of higher education, understanding of complex situations, etc.). Indeed, following the decision to make the Figure Network’s accreditation process compliant with the French agency Hcéres standards for five years, the Figure Network, driven by the desire to pursue continuous improvement of its procedure, wishes to diversify its pool of experts chosen on the basis of their competence in line with the missions entrusted to them. A call for applications was launched in December 2019. Students enrolled in the third year of a bachelor’s or in master’s degree can take part in the evaluation committees by intervening on aspects related to student life in the context of training. As for the alumni, they can participate as representatives of the business world or circulate the call in their professional networks.


  • Become an actor of communication within the Network Figure: one collective interest: to promote the curriculum to future students, parents, the general public and companies and thus improve its attractiveness, visibility and sustainability; & a personal interest: making one’s training known, improving one’s recognition, experience to be described in the CV (link to article), highlighting certain qualities (synthesis, speaking with a journalist, at ease in communication, adaptability, can represent the company externally, seriousness and taking a step back on oneself, etc.).

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