A pervasive research link

In order to train students in innovation, CMIs are based on three pillars: training, research and enterprise.
Thus, the training is built in very close contact with the world of research. Each CMI is co-sponsored by a laboratory or consortium of laboratories with an established international reputation and research partnerships.

Exposed in an environment
of high value-added innovation

Above all, CMI’s pedagogy has been built in partnership with the laboratories and their staff (teacher-researchers, researchers, engineers, technicians and doctoral students). They take part in training from year 1 onwards: lectures, reception in laboratories and technological platforms, design and monitoring of integrator projects, bibliographical research projects in laboratories, internships, mobility assistance, etc.

The student’s involvement in a research centre allows him/her to be immersed in an environment of innovation with high added value for the socio-economic world. It cultivates the virtues of research (curiosity, rigour, tenacity, analysis of complex situations, sense of teamwork) and positions itself in a dynamic of collaborative work both industrial and academic at the territorial, national or international level.

More than 200 research laboratories

This strong and early interaction guarantees the innovative identity of CMI graduates, fully integrated into the scientific community. Students benefit from access to more than 200 research laboratories, a unique ecosystem in our countries.

An immediately available richness that gives them easy access to the latest advances.

As a graduate, the student is perfectly equipped to attack the job market and particularly sectors with a high expectation of innovation. They may also pursue a PhD to further develop their appetite for research and their chosen specialty.

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