A mandatory international experience

Students spend a minimum of three months of their training abroad, in the form of an internship and/or study semester, in order to broaden their horizons to international cultures and issues.

A necessary inter-cultural,
professional and societal outreach

Indeed, in a globalized and constantly changing environment, international mobility is an important element of inter-cultural, professional and societal openness. In addition, it improves the practice of a foreign language and in particular English.

During the course of his or her studies, each CMI student must complete at least one international mobility experience. Each mobility may take the form of a study stay at a foreign university, an internship in a company or laboratory, or a gap year. The total duration of mobility is at least 3 months during the 5 years of the course.

The CMI is defined in strong accordance with the international Consecutive Masters model. This international transparency greatly favours the outgoing international mobility of CMI students and the incoming mobility within CMIs.

An additional spectrum for innovation

It should be stressed that since each CMI is supported by a research centre that is closely linked to international networks of academic, industrial and institutional partners, students are immersed in an international and innovative dynamic on a daily basis.
This set of concrete experiences leads to a natural and progressive sensitization of students to the practice of a professional activity in an international, enriching context. In addition, the laboratory can be a key element in facilitating the implementation of international internships for CMI students both in a laboratory and in a partner company.